The Knot vs. WeddingWire

If you haven’t heard, I’m engaged! This means the exciting wedding planning time is upon us. Well I have never planned a wedding before, so all of this is very new to me. The only experience I have is through pinning unreasonable stuff on Pinterest and now I have to figure out what people on a budget do and which ideas are actually doable.

I’m choosing not to hire a wedding planner, because a) I honestly believe I can figure it out and b) I’m on a tight budget. During my research, I discovered two sites that dominate the online wedding planning world: The Knot and WeddingWire. I signed up for both sites with hopes they would be helpful.

Both sites give the couple a homepage. It includes your wedding date, a to-do list, and a list of your favorite vendors. As helpful as that sounds, I find both sites to be very un-user-friendly. They are both lacking a simple search bar for couples to search for a specific venue or vendor and the to-do list is scary long involving lots of things that people who do not have over 15 thousand dollars to spend on a wedding don’t need. I think it would much more helpful for there to be multiple to-do lists to for a couple to choose from taking into consideration time and budget.

When looking at venues, both sites give you a comprehensive look by providing an overview as well as information on price, location, type, and amenities. I think WeddingWire does a better job at making all of this information easy to find and understand. Both sites offer extensive reviews on what others felt about the venue and they all seem genuine. Both sites also offer pictures of most of the venues that give you a fairly good look at what you’re getting into.

I think both sites are good for just basic info, but both could be redesigned to be more user-friendly. I would also advise to just ask around to figure out pricing, timeline, and to-do list. I felt overwhelmed with their to-do lists and have better luck just contacting friends who have gotten married rather than try and go by such an extensive generic list.

But I am so excited to be putting my Pinterest pages to good use and getting this wedding planned! Can’t wait to share it all with you! 🙂


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