6 Reasons My Dog is My Best Friend

Nine months ago, I made a spur-of-the-moment choice to get a puppy and it was the best decision ever!

Originally, I wanted an older dog that someone couldn’t keep anymore, but all of those options didn’t work out, so I ended up saying yes to a Craigslist ad about a Shepherd Puppy. Not knowing anything besides the fact she was some kind of shepherd, I set out to a town about an hour and a half away to buy this puppy.

I had been depressed for months and at times felt really hopeless. There were days I didn’t want to get out of bed and felt no one cared if I did or not. I thought getting a puppy would help me feel more alive and give me more of a purpose. Luckily, Winnie was a handful of sugar and spice, so she kept me on my toes which helped me in so many ways!

I wanted to share with y’all some of the reasons Winnie is my best friend (because dogs are woman’s best friend!).

  1. Excitement. Winnie is always stoked to see me! It doesn’t matter if I have been gone for 10 minutes or 8 hours, Winnie is always a whimpering and wagging mess when I get home. She is crate trained, so when I come home and go to open her kennel, you would think that I never come back. I let her out and she immediately wants to give me a hug and sit in my lap. It is the best feeling ever knowing someone is waiting for you.
  2. Cuddles. Winnie is all about snuggling. She and I are very close and all about napping, so when it comes to chill out or go to sleep, Winnie is right next to me with her own pillow on the bed. She likes to lay right up against my body or face to face with me. Since she is just over 50 pounds, she is like having a human to hold on to at night.
  3. Attitude. Having a puppy is not having an easy-going friend who agrees with everything you say… it is the exact opposite. While some times you get along and she thinks I have the best ideas, most of the time is full of back-talk, whining, pushing boundaries, chewing, and the list goes on. Now Winnie has some serious sass, but I just think it is really cute and just adds to her character. What can I say, like mother like daughter.
  4. Facial Expressions. I am one of those people that believes my dog knows what I am saying and I am one of those people who gives my dog a voice. Well since Winnie has a mind of her own, she also has these crazy adorable facial expressions that remind me how much of an individual she is.
  5. Good Listener. Dogs are the best listeners! While sometimes they may interrupt you with a bark, because that sound they just heard is super urgent, but most of the time they just lay there and listen to you go on and on about your problems or what to wear. They rarely ever complain about how much you talk and complain. Winnie is even there to lay with me in my closet when I need a good cry. That girl is so dependable!
  6. Smiles. My pup has the most genuine smile! She wears it just about all the time and it melts my heart. Winnie is always willing to hang out with me or be lazy with me and she smiles her way through it! If I am ever in a bad mood, I just need to sit in a room with Winnie and her smile will light up my heart in an instant.

So there you have it… Dogs are the best way to give you responsibility and a reason to get up in the morning, then look no further than a new furry friend. While they do require some money, a little upkeep, and a lot of teaching, they really are just the best a keeping a smile on your face! ❤