Show Review: A Series of Unfortunate Events

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events… where do I even begin?

Let me start by saying that I never read the book series. During Elementary School I would always see kids carrying the books around, but I never desired to read them. With that being said, this series is my boyfriend’s favorite of all time, so while watching he fed me all the comparisons between book and show. Also, I did see the original movie, but not since like 2008 or so.

Now, I can only describe my viewing experience of A Series of Unfortunate Events as a tolerate/hate relationship. I only watched it, because my boyfriend begged me too. I fell asleep during the first episode, because it was boring, but really I felt that the way the script flows is really weird and the humor was more annoying than funny. I found not knowing where everything was taking place (like the United States) or what year it was (like present day) to be very frustrating. Nothing felt natural about the show; the children especially seemed bland and extremely scripted and Count Olaf was just plain disturbing and while watching him on multiple occasions I felt violated… I just did not click with anything about it. Oh and I also couldn’t get over how ridiculously stupid the adults were. I am sure there is some underlying reason to why that is, but I just couldn’t get on board with it.

With all that being said, I did make it through all eight episodes and they did start getting better toward the end. Through all of my irritation and dislike of the show, I did find some positives I will share. Making it a tv show was the best idea! For large and successful book series, fitting them into a few movies just doesn’t always cut it; we know this from the failed attempt at a movie series back when Jim Carrey was Count Olaf. I felt the movie was doomed from the start, because they went out of order instead of staying true to the series or making each book its own movie, so by splitting each book into two episodes, it is my understanding that all of the major themes were included and making it so that the story made sense (or as much sense as it can). I liked the air of mystery as well as the conspiracy I feel they keep hinting too.

All in all, this show has great potential! Although hesitant, I have no doubt I will be back to watch the second season.


In the Criminal Justice System there are Names My Sisters Call Me

So this title might have confused you a little bit, so I shall explain. This past week I managed to complete all sixteen seasons of Law and Order: SVU on Netflix and finished reading Names My Sisters Call Me by Megan Crane.

Names My Sisters Call MeI was given this book from a friend who was cleaning out her bookshelf. She couldn’t remember when she had gotten it or if she had read it, but let me take it off her hands. I liked the cover a lot, but wasn’t quite sure what it was about from the synopsis, but figured why not give it a shot.

BEST DECISION EVER! This book had me hooked from the first few pages. I was continuously cracking up and somehow found a way to relate even though I only have a brother. Reading this really was a treat!

The main character, Courtney, was fantastic! She would have these moments that I can only describe as Lizzie McGuire moments where you could just see a little animated her expressing her inner thoughts. She was hilarious and I identified with her on so many levels. I liked the lesson towards the end of the book and I actually felt all the characters were well thought out and important.

It was a cute chick-lit story, but went deeper than I was expecting. Definitely recommend to anyone with sisters or who loves chick-lits and needs a good laugh.

law and order svuLaw and Order: SVU is one of my all-time favorite shows. I was introduced to it when I was hanging out with my old children’s minister. I was hooked from the first episode and just fell in love. It was what got me into my interest of law and I even joined my high school mock trial team, because of it.

In the beginning I was a huge fan of the Benson and Stabler duo! They were kicking butts and taking names; Finn and Tutuola were just fun additions. They were a great team and I just couldn’t get enough of the sickening stories.

Some people seem to get tired of the stories, because they are all too similar, but it never phased me. I especially loved the episodes that were law heavy, because the court scenes were kick ass!! Alex Cabot was my favorite attorney, but Barba was rubbing off on me in the last couple seasons.

After completing the first 12 seasons a couple years ago, I boycotted the show, because I was bitter that Stabler left and they replaced him with Amaro who was from Cold Case and that cross just weirded me out. A few weeks ago I caved and needed a good law show and just decided to finish it up. Glad I did! I know the show has to end sometime, but it is just so good and the stories are so horrifying, but it is addicting.

Now I am on my journey to completing all of my previously started shows on Netflix that I never finished. First up, Gilmore Girls.

❤ a girl