Show Review: Santa Clarita Diet

Are you baking cookies? -Abby
No, itโ€™s vanilla extract and essentials oils, baked in the oven at 350. Itโ€™s an old realtor trick. Makes the house smell like home. -Sheila

The Santa Clarita Diet was… um… interesting. It was recommended to me by my roommate who had only seen the trailer. I thought it sounded pretty stupid, but Saturday night I was at Jeremiah’s and was going to just veg and watch one of my shows, but he made a fuss begging me not to watch Grey’s Anatomy or Criminal Minds, so in an attempt to irritate him, I clicked on the Santa Clarita Diet. The first episode was so awful that we couldn’t tear our eyes away. I am a fan of Drew Barrymore and he of Timothy Olyphant, so we felt that the show had potential, but it just went from awful to bad to worse to terrible.

The great thing about the show is that it doesn’t feel like the actors are trying to be amazing, it just feels like they are having a great time. So if you watch it with that attitude, it can be a lot of fun. Jeremiah and I found ourselves cracking up from how stupid the premise was and how dumb the actors were.

I don’t have much to say, because this wasn’t a show I would have picked. The storyline has potential, but the acting and execution is truly horrible. The season finale was a serious letdown compared to the prior episodes and I really feel this could have been a great one season only little online mini-series, but of course they want to milk it, so most likely this will get a second season. We can only hope for the best at this point.

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a light, silly, comedy that isn’t trying very hard, then give the Santa Clarita Diet a chance. I got some great laughs and some good smirks from watching it. It can be binged in one sitting or drawn out, but just remember that it is awful, but run with it.


Show Review: The Vampire Diaries


I started watching The Vampire Diaries three years ago on a lonely night after moving to college where I had no friends and just needed a night of guilty pleasure television and cookies and cream ice cream. I remember the first couple seasons being really great with a storyline that actually made sense. The show is based on a book series (that I never read), but it was painfully obvious that they veered from the original storyline to make the show last longer.

And it worked… for awhile… seven seasons (so far), but I quit watching after season six, because it got an ending that I could live with. It was a pretty stupid ending, but they didn’t have too many options when the main character quits the show, but honestly they should have stopped while the show still had dignity.

Okay, so about the characters: for starters, the main female character Elena was the most annoying, whiney person ever! Obviously she had to fall in love with a pair of brothers which is extremely cliche, but both Stefan and Damon had potential. Stefan, the good boy, and Damon, the bad boy; I liked Damon better, but both of them had lots of skeletons in their closet. Bonnie and Caroline both had good moments and some really irritating moments, but they were good supporting characters and the same with Matt and Tyler.

So if you are in the mood for a far-fetched fantasy, guilty-pleasure storyline, and remarkably dull characters than pull up a seat! Honestly, I enjoyed the show in sections. I watched the first few seasons then took a year break, then watched the next season, took another year break, then finished it. Some episodes drag on, but others are pretty action packed. It is worth watching if the above mentioned is your thing, but don’t expect good writing or dynamic characters, just enjoy the ride!

Show Review: Gilmore Girls

As much as I loved the show Gilmore Girls, it took me over two years to finish it. I had seen mismatched episodes on ABC Family a long time ago, but chose to watch it in order when Netflix put the entire series up. It is such an original, heartwarming, good-feeling, laugh a little, cry a little, smile a lot story. I recommend for all girls in general, but especially preteen, teens, and college aged girls; if you can watch it with your mom then that is a plus.

The story follows Lorelai and Rory Gilmore for just about 7 years while they figure out life and love. They are two very quirky characters who live in a town full of even more quirky people, places, and events. Watching this show is never dull and it can be quite an inspiring ride. I’ll admit that I definitely cried during the last episode.

Lorelai is a single mom who is estranged from her parents when the show begins, but eventually builds a relationship with them through certain circumstances. She is in the hospitality industry and is best friends with an incredible chef. Rory is her whole world and she will do whatever it takes to help her succeed and be the best she can be.

Rory starts out as a sophomore in high school who has just gotten her break at a top tier prep school. She loves to read, read, and study. She is best friends with an Asian girl who dreams of being in a band, but has a crazy strict mother. Rory is very naive, so you get to experience her navigate growing up.

Both girls face hardship, drama, and heartache as well as superior excitement, happiness, and love while being overly caffeinated. It is definitely a show not to miss. In some aspects, it has given me a whole new outlook on certain activities!

“If you are going to throw your life away, he’d better have a motorcycle.”
-Lorelai Gilmore

Show Review: Graceland

Graceland revolves around a beach house in Los Angeles that housed 6 agents: 4 FBI, 1 DEA, and 1 Customs. This house was their safe haven that they could return to after working in deep cover operations in order to bust drug cartels, gangs, and money launderers. It sounds like a good idea, but as the show unfolds you see that going under has its consequences.

The agents living in the house are the main characters. Mike- a fresh faced FBI agent straight out of Quantico is stationed in LA in order to spy on another agent. Paul- an old time field agent and tough guy who the bureau thinks is up to something. Charlie- a badass female agent who can’t give up once she sets her mind on a case. Johnny- a skinny hispanic agent who is all heart and normally runs tactical. Paige- the DEA agent who has a lot of passion and understanding for those around her. And Dale- a Customs agent who likes to do his own thing unless a favor is asked of him.

After finishing the show, I noticed that each season revolves around one big case from episode one until the last. Little cases take place in between, but they all add up to one crazy finale! Season one focus on an arms dealer and a ghost drug dealer. Season two a scary Mexican cartel and a ring of human trafficking. Season three a mob like/gang like European family.

Between all the busting bad guys and tough calls, there is also romance and drama. I found it to be very entertaining and it has an interesting twist for a show about cops. Every episode is full of surprises that keep you on the edge of your seat. Sadly, it was cancelled after three seasons, but you can find those seasons on Netflix. I suggest checking it out if you are into creative cop dramas.

Show Review: Gossip Girl

Lately, I have been extremely disappointed in the television industry in that the shows they are creating have no depth, no interest, no anything and the ones that do happen to suck you in get cancelled. I was going through a dry spell, so I decided to watch Gossip Girl for a second time, because I knew it would be entertaining.


I’ve never watched a show twice all the way through, so this was my first experience with that. I remember being really disappointed with the ending of Gossip Girl.ย Dan being Gossip Girl was not only a shock, but was a plot twist they totally decided on maybe a season before. After learning that the first time around, I kept thinking about how that couldn’t have been possible. Well watching it a second time really gave me the opportunity to see if I had missed something. I hadn’t. Dan didn’t become a possibility until at best Season 5.

Before I get into my thoughts on the ending, I would like to discuss the characters and how I feel about them. Let’s start with Serena; She was the character I disliked the most from episode 1 till the very end. She was the ultimate selfish rich kid who had everything she could ever want yet still wasn’t satisfied and felt so entitled it made me sick. There were multiple occasions where she acted as if Blair was so awful for scheming when she was up to the same antics. She was so whiny and annoying and I think the show would have been 100 times better without her.

Now Blair on the other hand was my second favorite character. I appreciated her mean girl attitude in public yet her vulnerability when she was at home. She had a broken family, because her beloved dad turned out to be gay, she had an eating disorder, and insecurity complex, because of her mother’s success. Blair was a real character and actually embodied what makes a bully.

Jenny was my absolute favorite character! I know a lot of people lost interest in her character once she went crazy, but she was the most believable. She represented what money, wealth, and power can do to a person. She started out as an average girl from Brooklyn who was family oriented and sweet yet all she wanted was to fit into the private school she attended in Manhattan. Once her dad married up, her whole life changed. Her fashion took off, she became Queen of her school, and her attitude and entitlement kicked in. She lost her wholesome and sweet demeanor and gave into scheming and rudeness until she literally couldn’t remember who she was and ultimately leaves New York for good.

I’m not sure if Vanessa actually deserves a paragraph, but I disliked her from the beginning too. She shows up out of nowhere and just expects Dan to be the same person he was and tries to ruin his life on multiple occasions. She, like Jenny, lets the Upper East Side take over her life and ultimately leaves. But I don’t think there was actually ever a time I was actually rooting for her.

I remember being obsessed with Nate when I watched it the first time, but this time I realized he wasn’t really all that. Yes he was the cutest of the group, but he came from a family that was falling apart, didn’t participate in ruining lives through Gossip Girl (which might be his only good quality). He really took a downfall in the later seasons, but seemed to give up on his friends anytime they did something wrong. In the end, he followed in his father’s footsteps and almost lost his paper and sadly didn’t get a girl even though he dated or had a thing with all of them (Blair, Serena, Jenny, Vanessa, and many others).

Chuck was an iffy character for me. I know most were obsessed with him and Blair, but I think he treated her awfully throughout the whole show. Constantly leading her on only to refuse to love her even though it was obvious he need her. He traded her for a hotel, told her she was like a racehorse. Yes, he was mysterious and messed up and had more money than them all put together, but that is no excuse to be a monster.

Last, but not least, there is Dan. I remember thinking Dan was horrible for what he wrote about his friends in the end, but now I realize he did nothing wrong. Sure, he said some not-so-great things about the people in his life, but he never lied; his friends just couldn’t handle reading the truth about themselves. All Dan ever wanted was to be noticed and to fit into the world he didn’t belong in and in the end he got his wish.

The show starts out very strong with a definite plot, but then it starts to take some strange, far-fetched turns. I did begin to lose a little interest, but it picks back up again. If you can get over how unrealistic the whole thing becomes, then it stays good. But I wish the writers had known how they were going to finish it, because then they could have avoided some very obvious mistakes.

This was truly a good show. A little dramatic; perhaps a soap opera during prime time, but overall very entertaining!