Pretty, Pink, & Totally Sweet

As you all know I’m getting married in less than a month and all the festivities are in full swing! July has been the busiest month related to the wedding with something to do every weekend. This past weekend, my mom threw me a bridal shower and it was wonderful!

The theme was pink and she went all out. The shower wasn’t exactly a secret, so I went over early to help her set up. We were up until 3am cleaning, setting up, and creating decorations. We finally called it quits to get some sleep. Running only on four hours of sleep, we got the whole party up and running with the help of my bridesmaids and cousins.

A good mix of friends and family were in attendance. We played “Guess How Many Hershey Kisses”, “Movie Quote Quiz”, “What’s on the Apron,” and everyone brought a recipe to put in my recipe box. My mom also created a huge spread of brunch foods that were super delicious!

25 Days to Go! โค


Saying Yes to the Dress


I’ve never actually seen the show that dons the phrase, but I know it’s what you say when you find your wedding dress, which I did!! But I won’t lie, the process was exhausting.

As excited as I am about finding the most perfect, elegant dress, by the end of the day I was beat. The wedding dress industry is not made for toothpicks like me. I wrote a post two years ago expressing my opinion on the body image crisis of our society. I see everyday ads and articles about how curvy women aren’t ideal, but I live in a world where curveless woman aren’t ideal.ย I am a curveless woman and I experience unacceptance and insecurity all the time.

Yesterday, I was on a mission to find a wedding dress. To go to boutique after boutique and try on dress after dress and feel like a princess all day. One thing I was not expecting when I started my day was to find that they don’t make dresses to fit small women like me. I looked around the store and realized that they make dresses to fit curvy and plus-sized women, but none that fit small, short, curveless women. Every store I went into squealed with delight at how “small” I was and they would do everything they could to make the dresses fit me. Another thing I was not prepared for was that I would have to go show-off every dress I tried on a runway in front of the entire store. I had to walk in front of all of these strangers in these dresses that swallowed me. One boutique didn’t even have mirrors in the dressing room, so I had no idea how ridiculous I looked until I got out there. That was so unexpected.

A lot of people don’t like it when thin women complain or claim that they don’t fit in. To them, we don’t have problems, because we aren’t overweight or our thighs don’t touch. Well, I am here to tell you than any woman can have insecurities with their body no matter their size, weight, or height. They don’t have to justify it, but we need to understand that there is no perfect shape or weight, but we need to be accommodating to all sizes and not overlook the extremes.

But I am choosing to take the events and feelings of yesterday and use them as a learning experience. I learned I like smaller boutiques that only cater to two brides at a time, so there was less of an audience and that I would love to be an advocate for small brides, because they deserve to have the same options and treatment as tall and curvy brides.

But in the end I found my dress and my dress makes me feel like a princess!