Friends For Sure

So the wait is over… Carrot and I are officially for the time being friends.

I won’t lie. I was really hoping that he would choose option 1. But I am surprisingly okay with him wanting to be friends. Don’t get me wrong: I still really like him and care about him so much, but I am willing to take a step back and just show him how much I care through friendship.

I was pretty upset at first, because I felt that I was (again) not good enough to make sacrifices for, but then I started thinking maybe taking a step back from me while he figures out his thoughts and stress is the sacrifice.

I have no hard feelings towards him. I don’t hate him nor am I mad at him. I honestly believe he is trying to do the right thing. I have not lost all hope that we are over forever.

Now we have to figure out how friendship actually works. I have been trying, but he hasn’t really been responding, so now I am kind of stuck. I refuse to give up, but this will definitely be a learning experience.

❤ Lauren


8 thoughts on “Friends For Sure

  1. ……..I must’ve missed a few posts or something because I feel very out of the loop here!
    I had a similar situation about 2 weeks ago… I know how much it sucks. Like, it really freaking sucks.
    YES DON’T LOSE HOPE. But also don’t grasp onto it for dear life.
    Just keep doing you, sistaaaa ♥

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    • Um I only mentioned it in the two most previous posts. But ya it does suck. I’m trying hard to stay cool, but it is rough.
      I think I am doing okay at not holding on for dear life lol, but figuring out how to give him what he needs while also not making him think I am walking out of his life.
      You keep doing you as well!!!

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  2. There is a line by P.O.D. saying “I think the hardest part of holding on is letting it go”. Not sure that helps you, but that’s what came to my mind while reading your post. Maybe thinking about it will take you somewhere. I think there’s much truth to it. Anyways, it’s from the song “Goodbye for now” (if you wanna give it a listen).

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      • It’s not over if both of you don’t want it to be over. However, if he needs some time for himself it means you gotta give him that time and take some time for yourself too. So you’re both letting go but you’re not abandoning each other. Letting go does not mean losing someone. I think your mind knows that but there’s the fear of losing him lurking around the corner. Try to be rational. I know it’s easier said than done. But maybe you really have to explain it to yourself over and over again that you’re letting him go so things might go back to normal between you; so that you can hold on. Parents have to let go of their children at some point but they’re not abandoning them. Maybe that’s a suitable comparison. See, there’s a difference between letting go and letting go. I hope that makes sense. Wish you all the best!

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